Integrity and coherence, the blood of a healthy enterprise.


First of all, this is not a political post. Is a sincere expression of thoughts.

Not so long ago I’ve heard Carlos Blanco, one of the top software investors in Spain, said the problems between business associates start when things go really WELL, or really BAD.
Why does this happen? And, what elements do we have to re-enforce the parts and prevent that to happen?
We could say the word ‘integrity’ is much more than a concept. Is probably the answer to this questions. Let’s understand the role of integrity in different fields of our daily routine.

Integrity in our principles.

Coherence and integrity will come with us wherever we are. They will define our actions and determine our future. The challenge is not to be good, humble or true, but to be all of them when times are tough. Do we hold on to our integrity and coherence when a really crappy situation drug us to the ground? When the road to success forces us to betray our principles, what do we do?

Integrity between members of a company.

Throughout markets, counties of different regions, we can find and experience lots of team shapes and dynamics. There are family companies, huge multinational structures, small agencies settled in co-working spaces, and so on…What holds all of them together? An agreement of understanding and respect. Transparency seems to be the new working culture, and we believe it helps a big deal. Competitive spirits can help evolution as long as it's aimed towards the competition. Practiced between members of the same team can break it all apart. 

Integrity in your goals.

During a networking event a guy, can’t remember his name, but just a regular director of a software company said: “There was a point when we couldn't pay the salaries, and I had to pay them from my own money”. That agency overcame that point. And for me, that guy is a hero.

There are thousands of coherent people, with character and integrity, men and women. I guess THEY make the difference. I don’t care either they are big or small.

So...why does Gandhi and Gates appear at the top image? 

Gandhi was one of the most important figures of political landscapes, who lived poor, cos his people were poor.

And Gates, well...he gave back tons of resources to those who need (More than I could do for sure!).
Wikipedia: “How much money has Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated? In 2007, its founders were ranked as the second most generous philanthropists in America, and Warren Buffett the first. As of May 16, 2013, Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation.”

What do you think about integrity? Is it hard for you to hold on to it? What about Gates or Gandhi? Do you understand their legacy? 

Tell us about it!