Mobile app development

Mobile apps

We develop native, hybrid and progressive mobile apps for startups and corporations, who want solutions for their clients or teams in USA, Panama, Spain and the rest of Europe.

We specialize in mobile apps development in Barcelona

We specialize in the development of mobile apps for Android and iOS. We work on native, hybrid and progressive applications, depending on the nature of each project.

We seek that our apps make a difference in the market. We focus on having the best user experience and usability, that allows us to generate a positive feeling.

For all platform and devices

iOS and Android

We use different technologies to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile devices and tablets

All our developments, initially designed for phones, can also be adapted to Android tablets or iPads.

Market places

We have good knowledge of the requirements of App Store and Google Play to satisfactorily publish the apps.

Mobile app development

With successful processes we deliver successful apps

UX / UI design

We focus on achieving positive insight into our designs and interaction through emotions, feelings, brand transmission, and reliability.


Every digital idea that starts with a minimum viable product that can meet the needs of the market, is profitable and scalable.

Agile methodology

We work under the Scrum methodology that allows us to make functional deliveries to the client in a very short time gap, thus meeting their expectations, to have greater productivity and reduce risks.

Agile work methodology

We work with Agile/Scrum and Agile/UX methodology that allows us to make deliveries to the client in a very short time gap. This methodology helps to meet expectations, have higher productivity and reduce risks.

Partnership and collaboration

We are technology partners of SMEs, companies, Marketing Agencies, Branding and Tech companies. Our vision is collaborative, not competitive. Our bond is win-win.

Flat rate for continuous development

We offer a development team for your company to save costs and management. We are always available to assist you and prioritize tasks. Download our plans:

Flat rate for custom software development
Flat rate for web development and E-commerce

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