We combine software and art to achieve high-tech amazing looking products

HEAVYDOTS is an innovative team specialized in building web based applications and designing original and powerful identity for companies and Start-Ups.

We live intensely the present moment to create a better future.

We were born passionate

Is not common to find balance between your passion and your duty. In HeavyDots we share that blessing, and we are absolutely aware of the extra strength that comes with it. To own that feeling, allows us to confront hard working sprints with the certainty that only success is waiting at the end of the track. With one feet on IT and the other at design and user experience, we move forward providing global solutions.

...and believe in values

The whole team believes in talent and good service. Both must go together. We don't agree in hiring genius professionals unless they have practical empathy and a human perspective towards clients and teammates. That is one of our main goals: to provide face to face attention and give importance to every detail. Every step our team gives is in favor of project's success.

OUR out of space TEAM

Alexandru Trandafir Catalin


Born in Rumania, living in Barcelona since 2002. Coder from before birth.
KNOWS everything.

Jorge Escalante


Born in Venezuela, living in Barcelona since 2017. Systems engineer from Universidad de Los Andes.
DOES everything.

Pablo Mieres


Born in Argentina, living in Barcelona since 2014.
CREATES everything.

Pedro Portocarrero


Born and currently living in PerĂº. The newest member.
CODES everything.


Let our teams connect and create a great project together!

Heavy Jelly