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Benefíciate de un buen análisis de UX y UI.

Posted on 10/30/19

Con el avance tecnológico en el siglo XXI, todos quieren experimentar la mejor tecnología sin gastar demasiado tiempo y agotar una mente sobre estimulada. Lo mismo ocurre con la navegación por los sitios web o las aplicaciones móviles: cuando el


Tips for Designers and Programmers to get along.

Posted on 5/22/18

Programmers and designers are doomed to work together, get along and understand each other, no matter the differences. I know is a challenge for both, but it CAN work. It’s all about empathy  :-)
This article may hurt sensitive people.


Bus Interview - Ivan Stoilov, a front-end developer

Posted on 6/20/17

Here, we have created an interview method called Bus Interviewing. A bus interview is a short, 5-10 minute verbal conversation between two people with the objective of collecting as much information behind a participant's experiences. The interview should be as