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Posted on 10/14/19

Después de estudiar, apoyar y trabajar con emprendedores, resumí en  7 puntos, los tips que se debe tomar en cuenta para emprender en digital.



Pensamos que el estar en internet significa que el negocio va a crecer sólo y


Startups in “Third World Countries” - can they be successful?

Posted on 10/3/17

Economic growth is essential in the combat of battling poverty and hunger  in countries on the UN´s list of least developed nations. Therefore, the government encourages these countries to expand their private sectors.  Is this something YOU are capable



Website Exposure: Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Posted on 9/7/17

So you have created your new blog with a good theme and great content but you are having trouble with people viewing your material. And now you are losing motivation because no one is noticing your work. But there are


Hot news from IT sector!

Posted on 7/25/17

Keeping up with news from all over the world can drive you crazy, simple as that. In Heavydots we've chosen top news so you can save time (precious and little).
Either you are an entrepreneur, web designer, PHP programmer or


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