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Qué es un ERP y cómo beneficia a tu empresa.

Posted on 10/22/19

La implementación de un sistema ERP es una de las mayores inversiones que puede hacer una empresa, sin embargo, muchas pequeñas empresas afirman que son "demasiado pequeñas" para adoptar un sistema ERP. Así que aquí te describiremos el la razón


Indesign for web designing?

Posted on 12/7/16

At any field, each one finds a unique way though the production process. That helps stamping a personal mark at the job. Your own style.

As for me, I’ve been designing with illustrator for the web field and it’s been



Posted on 12/7/16

We are so glad to have you here with us, at this space of sharing, evolution and enrichment.

In HeavyDots we are constantly growing and searching for new challenges. Also passionate of what we do (I know it sounds like

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