Archetypes of Success


Success is a journey, not a destination. What does it mean to you? When you think of successful leaders, do you think of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Mahatma Gandhi or Walt Disney? Donald Trump or Kurt Cobain?

To us, success is freedom. Being able to work in a team, make your own decisions, remain humble, and be persistent. It is important to know YOUR type of success.

We have composed five categories of successful people:

  • Creative: 

Pros: creativity is the route to authenticity. The more we create, the more we detect and realize our habits, instincts, and desires. When we take time and energy out of our day to flourish our own ideas, we appreciate our inner nature and regularly express ourselves. 

Risk: cCreatives are often coming up with new ideas and projects because they find it difficult to face monotony. If you are always undertaking something different and creative, you will always expect changes. And sometimes success comes with persistence rather than constant change. 

  • Visionary:

Pros: the ability to articulate new perspectives, be credible, and attractive visions of the future. Visionary leadership brings out the best in people, and also the strength you didn’t know you had. They try to make people perform beyond their limitations. Not only will people be happy because their leader is the best but because they have become their best selves because of their leader. 

Risk: they are ahead of their generation and are often told they think “too outside the box”. Sometimes blind faith in a revolutionary idea or concept must come with planification and realism.

  • Eccentric: 

Pros: making life exciting and challenging for everyone around them. They are often extreme and unpredictable. They often exhibit bizarre thoughts and behaviors and that’s what really makes them stand out--but also be very original. And originality helps attract everyone's attention.

Risk: emotional instability goes against this archetype. Eccentric people may be charismatic, but this charisma, instead of being hollow, should be full of strong ideas.

  • Conservative: 

Pros: these leaders are very bright and great strategists. When taking chances, there is a less amount of losing. They tend to be very conscious and frugal when making decisions. They also offer stability to whatever professional context they perform in.

Risk: They do not win a lot because they do not take big chances. When you risk a lot, you win a lot. So, they usually miss big success because they do not want to take big chances.

  • Spiritual: 

Pros: we have been following teachings of spiritual leaders for as long as the world has been revolving. We read their books, listen to their words, believe their messages to form our own spiritual life and impact the material world. They exhibit great power, are very wise, empathetic, and strategic. 

Risk: in a materialistic world, they may feel like outsiders. If spiritual leaders don’t find the way to apply their knowledge to the competitive and selfish world we live in, then they may give up and end up isolated. Spiritual knowledge is meant to improve material life. 

In conclusion, we all strongly need to recognize the importance of success. It is crucial to acknowledge our archetype or the ones that suit us the most. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. Comment your thoughts and share! 


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