Indesign for web designing?


At any field, each one finds a unique way though the production process. That helps stamping a personal mark at the job. Your own style.

As for me, I’ve been designing with illustrator for the web field and it’s been great! We all try, as much as we can, to gather all into one tool, making things easier and more efficient. 

Ai (Adobe Illustrator) and I had shared amazing moments together: long nights giving shape to very interesting projects (and some crap too :-), analysing the nature of web fonts, the magical relationship between shapes of colours, dreaming with angles and surfaces, understanding the impact of proportions to the human eye (All this hand in hand at the sunset with a Beach Boy´s song as background). 

We´ve even had our ups and downs with Ai, like when she got outdated and couldn´t open new Ai documents versions (probably pure jealousy), or when she drove me nuts with the precise alignment of a shape.

But the other day...

Walking through the studio I´ve realised a designer seated nearby was working with Indesign. “Oh My Gosh!” I thought. 

Later on i asked him why would he use a very editorial rooted software for web designing and he answered:"Both Ai and Id are great for web designing, but the styles are much easier to manage at the Id". I suddenly felt like a lightning bolt hitting my skull. 

So, sadly I moved in with Id and left Ai. All I have left are tons of great memories together. But, as everything in life, must be left behind.


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