Never break a break


We believe every cultural environment works as an operating system. And one of it's features stands after the following concept: that you have to BREAK YOUR BACK in order to achieve high goals in life (and stuff like that).

There is no doubt that the people who focus long enough, dedicate time and expenses to accomplish deep impact in their goals have much more chances to get what they want than the lazy unfocused chaps (as we all been in some point!). But on the other hand we believe is more about resistance, not hardness.

Hard things tend to brake cos they don't bend. Resistance combines strength and flexibility and requires important dosis of oxygen along the way. If you have to confront huge amounts of responsibilities or exhausting working periods, there is no way you can keep it up and endure that position for ever. If you are too hard with yourself (or your employees), you’ll break.

So, a sprint is only productive when there is a proportional rest before the following. Take a look at Messi (soccer star) or other amazing sportsmen. Resting is as important as the active mode. Messi can walk around the field as a retired old man feeding pigeons, but suddenly he has the energy to reach up the level he is expected to. Whenever you face a deadline, is normal to spend several hours working nonstop, or even not sleeping. But that has to be an exception, not the rule. Resting and recharging body and soul is a key feature in productivity.

So in time we’ve started appreciating more the resistant people than exclusively strong ones. Resistant people learned to merge strength and flexibility.

How would you describe yourself, strong or resistant?

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