Organize Your Day for Success


Making checklists may seem monotonous and boring but can economize your business by boosting efficiency and reducing mistakes. For example, in a recent study by the World Health Organization, surgical complications were minimized by one-third by using one simple checklist.

  • Finish today’s work today - have timelines and daily goals to achieve each day.
  • Be conscious - be mindful of your own feelings. If you feel unquestionable about work-related issues and colleagues, be aware of why you feel that way. For example, “I feel jealous because my boss compliments Joe often, more than me.” Ask yourself, is this the best way to feel? Instead, maybe recognize that you should be happy for him. He worked very hard for this and I should tell him congratulations. This shows self-awareness. It’s important to be self-aware because you are then more qualified to make changes and improvements that need to be made.


  • Prioritize and execute - perform the tasks with an urgent deadline and do what is most important first. Also, get all tasks done without any distractions to avoid missing deadlines.
  • Relate work to goals - don’t lose sight of why you are at work and why you chose your role. Find the deeper motivation and remind yourself every work day why you are here
  • The 45/15 Rule - this rule helps maximize your time by helping you stay efficient in your workday. In each hour of work, you work 45 minutes and rest 15 minutes. The 15 minutes allow you to relax, take a break, and have some free time. 


  • Set an ending time - when setting a finishing time, you will be surprised by how much more efficient you will in your work day. Knowing there is a certain time you should be leaving work pushes you to work quickly and more diligently to be able to make that deadline. It’s much more difficult to stay efficient when there is no set time to leave work.
  • Make sure to keep your list near you throughout the day as a daily reminder to have not only a successful work day but a successful work lifestyle.

Well, this is all for today folks. See you next time!

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