Run your business like a healthy body


Our bodies have to do all kinds of things together to stay working. Some parts help change the food we eat to digest, make air move in and out of our lungs, others keep blood moving. How can all of our parts work together to do the same thing at the same time in order for functionality? Well, each body part is an organ made of tissue composed of cells -- which is where it all begins.

Cells are the building blocks of all living things. There are over 37 trillion cells in our body.

In terms of cells, we´re all trillionaires! 

And, it's very important to note each cell is a living form that is created, and within each cell has its own responsibility and functions, dies then gets replaced. Here, cells, are similar to our population.

Similarities between your body and your company.

  • Works similarly to the human body functionality, is an organization or company. 
  • The human body aims to be efficient and effective with different departments, each performing specialized tasks. They both have a system--each part has a structural function and a process that goes with it. 
  • Every part must be healthy to start with. 
  • In order to achieve a common goal, several organs (teams) develop a perfectly well-synchronized process, one after the other.
  • There are vital actions directed by the mind but performed by the body (like eating).
  • There are other vital actions that don’t need to be controlled by the brain, like digestion, heart activity, reflexes, cells renewal.
  • And so on...

It is important to note we should learn how the body works and relate it to the functionality of our company.

The question is: how do we expect to lead a team without being conscious of our own 37 billion cells team, which is our first and true capital? Most of us are not aware of it because it works so well that we don’t need to take care of each function. Maybe a team should work the same way. 

A common cell works by itself. As long the cell has oxygen and the chemical elements needed. The same happens with a worker. 

And an organ is built up by working cells, the same as a department, but they all share one common goal: to achieve specific tasks in order to articulate with other departments. 

But in the end, it is the mind (or executive board) who decides the fate of the body (or company). Health (success) or sickness (crisis), joy or suffering. 

So let’s think about it. 

As bosses of a 37 trillion startup: are we great CEO’s?

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