Self preservation comes first!


If a company wants to ensure it’s future needs to settle the customers satisfaction as a priority. But that doesn’t necessarily means always putting the customer first.

Let us introduce you to DOS, Deficit of Self-Preservation.

The client's needs and expectations must be heard strong and clear by every supplier. But not always the client's belief and behavior match ours. And not always the customer gives a fair and polite feedback.

We can always make mistakes and customers have every right to give their opinion, although it may not always be fair neither coherent for our point of view.

It’s very important for us to understand that the customer complain should be proportional to the trouble given.

Small trouble, small complain. But if the complaint is huge after a small situation, see what happens indoors.

Let’s understand the core of the issue with a concrete situation:

The delivery of a logo version is stipulated for Wednesday. In the delivery there is a color that shouldn’t be used because it belongs to the competition corporative colour family and the delivery is delayed a few hours.

We can confront several scenarios, but we’ll underline only two:

  • Scenario 1: The client accepts the delivery changes cos their agenda is not strongly affected and the quality of the product is very good.
  • Scenario 2: although the client’s agenda is not affected, calls very frustrated after what happened, refuses the presentation and informs us that he doesn't want us as providers any more.

How do we feel and react? The same way the client felt? After the second scenario do we allow it to affect our nerves and start a witch-hunt against whoever was responsible and punish him not because of the mistake, but because the client’s reaction?

This is when we must understand that the customer is the priority, but the emotional health of our company comes first.

If after the client’s dose of negativity we assume and suffer a negative impact, the company suffers DOS and we are doomed to failure cos our emotional working landscape will become dark and tense.

We must be responsible for our actions, always respond professionally and satisfy our clients. But always trying to understand the relation between the problem and the reclamation and preserving the emotional health of the team.

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