The best time to outreach: Social Media


Different social media platforms offer different proprietary for your business. Depending on when you post it, it is important to optimize each site. When you publish content the best time of the day, it will save you time, increase readership, and allow you to post with confidence!

“The fewer people want to be at work, the more they are one Facebook!” For Facebook, the best times to post are between lunch and near the end of the work day. According to Twitter, the best times to post are right after lunch. This could be due to people looking for something to keep them active as the work day comes to an end. As for LinkedIn, the best days to post are the mid-work week, when people are setting into the week, not lo oking forward to or recovering from the weekend.

The worst time to post on Facebook are weekends before most people are awake, after most are asleep or getting ready to start their night. Watch out for those late-night posts! According to Twitter, it is the worst time to post every day after people are settling home getting ready for bed and Friday’s after people are starting heading home early for the weekend. As for LinkedIn, the most inconvenient time to post is during the week during normal night hours. You may be a night owl, but others are not!

The best time to pin on Pinterest is Saturday mornings when most are relaxing on their day off, looking for some great ideas to cook, create, reorganize, etc. According to Tumblr, the best time to post is Friday evenings, after work is done for the week. This is a great time to check out some cool blog posts and conversate. As for Google+, the optimal time to post is in the mornings where social media posts do the best in terms of social applause and engagement.

The worst time to pin on Pinterest is during normal work hours while most are busy. According to Tumblr, the worst time to post is before 4 pm, where most are working, similar to Pinterest. As for Google+, the worst time to post is before and after work.

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