We are so glad to have you here with us, at this space of sharing, evolution and enrichment.

In HeavyDots we are constantly growing and searching for new challenges. Also passionate of what we do (I know it sounds like an old cliche, but is the truth!).

We are not only professionals, but curious souls, facing this changing world absorbed by the sophistication -  and sometimes madness in it.

So we want to open dialog, from a humble starting point, to face other people who struggles, celebrate and investigate around the amazing IT and designing world.

We are aware we all have two hemispheres in our brain (...hopefully). And from that conclusion we write and share, understanding the hardware and the software, the analytic and the intuitive, the thinking and the feeling.

So, for now on we´ll try to share, not only hard technological info, but also personal perceptions. Allowing the mind and the heart to express whatever inspires and shocks our world.

See ya around!

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