Surprisingly Best Programming Talent In The World


When trying to name the best place in the world to find the top programmer talent, you would probably mention California, but surprisingly, that is far from the top. Some enthralling data shows where the top talent is found. You’ll be surprised to know California is not even ranked as the top U.S. city! Read more to find out who is.

Stack Overflow data is the largest community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers. This site serves as a guide for users to ask and answer questions. London, United Kingdom, has the highest number of top Stack Overflow members, clocking in with 394 that have a reputation over 5,000. In terms of Per Capita Top Stack Overflow users, New Zealand and Sweden lead the world. Bulgaria has the highest average reputation among top users in the country by summing up the reputation of Stack Overflow top users by country and divide it by the number of top users, you get the country’s “average reputation”. 

Many assume California would be listed as one of the top users in Stack Overflow talent, but it’s not. In the United States, California falls behind New Hampshire, Iowa, and New Jersey. The reasoning for this shows why California is not the best place for code talent.  

We hope you were captivated and surprised with this data as much as we were. 
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