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Benefíciate de un buen análisis de UX y UI.

Posted on 10/30/19

Con el avance tecnológico en el siglo XXI, todos quieren experimentar la mejor tecnología sin gastar demasiado tiempo y agotar una mente sobre estimulada. Lo mismo ocurre con la navegación por los sitios web o las aplicaciones móviles: cuando el


Tips for Designers and Programmers to get along.

Posted on 5/22/18

Programmers and designers are doomed to work together, get along and understand each other, no matter the differences. I know is a challenge for both, but it CAN work. It’s all about empathy  :-)
This article may hurt sensitive people.


Control your tiny Picasso!

Posted on 12/8/16

Peter woke up, shaved and smiled to himself in the mirror. He blinked an eye. He knows he is great at what he does. Recently promoted to Project Manager at the design and UX/UI department, had prepared his first presentation


Indesign for web designing?

Posted on 12/7/16

At any field, each one finds a unique way though the production process. That helps stamping a personal mark at the job. Your own style.

As for me, I’ve been designing with illustrator for the web field and it’s been